Monthly Archive: June, 2016

Straight Razor

Why I chose to try a straight razor, and why I still use one For many years, after my dad first taught me to shave, I used the regular 3-5 bladed disposable razors.  I found… Continue reading

Weddings: Small Talk

The awkward art of communicating to others at these events We attended a wedding this past weekend.  (Who is this we?  My wife and I)  As to be expected, the bride and groom did… Continue reading

Y.O.L.O. – You Only Live Once

Y.O.L.O. – You Only Live Once The YOLO phrase has definitely made a lasting impact in our culture.  I first heard about YOLO probably back in 2012.  As an alumni advisor to my… Continue reading

Chemistry: Moles

A brief explanation of Moles in Chemistry

Something is Brewing

How we got started in brewing our own beer.

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