Something is Brewing


June, 2015 . . .

I had to go back through our emails to find out the date when we started, but there are several of us that meet on a regular basis for various things: we’re all friends, we like to try new things, we live in COLORADO – home to some of the best beer in the world, and most of us belonged to the same fraternity in college.  I think all of this explains our affinity for beer.  Surely we are not alone in the brewing community, but we have assembled a really good team.  Some nicknames to help identify:

JM – Our computer scientist.  A coder and business man.  Definitely our team’s driver.  He helped formulate our flagship beer and brought some initial experience and knowledge for brewing.

Chip – Aptly nicknamed and a Chemical Enginerd, with a background in petrol and golf.  The heart of our team.

ARock – A Chemist I would describe as a mover and shaker.  Gets things done with a plethora of knowledge.

Baker – Business man and entrepreneur.  Spiriting, exciting, and building.

CC – The kindest person I’ve met.  Funny, loving, and caring.

Me – Another Chemical Engineer.  Lots of experience with chemical manufacturing and industrial production which will come in handy!

Time to learn how to brew!  Especially since homebrew stores abound in our area and our local microbrews make such great beer.  We discussed the viability of starting our own microbrew and got very excited!  However, first things first: we must make sure we can make our beer good.

The recipe for our first beer was developed by JM from some of his earlier, solo-brewing sessions.  It would become our flagship beer, the Snappa Session Ale.  It was a light ale, approximately 4.0% ABV, with only a modest amount of hops.  It was a perfect beer for enjoying a hot summer day or playing our favorite drinking game: Snappa!