American Cream Ale

American Cream Ale

Cream ales are a traditional American Ale.  They should be lighter in color with a small hop and refreshing.  Here is a recipe of a Cream Ale we recently made.  I ended up fermenting in the secondary fermenter for just about 2 months!  Though we didn’t have the opportunity to bottle it sooner, I believe it made the taste that much clearer, crisper, and pristine if you will.  It was arguably the best batch we’ve made in 2 years, and it was a 10-gallon batch, so we had enough to share.

A unique element of this Cream Ale is that we used Flaked Corn and Rice Powder, which we have not experimented with before.  Flaked Corn was used in traditional Cream Ales because it was a “cheap” adjunct and some beers try to avoid corn and corn flavors entirely because of that fact.  However, corn and rice are still used at times to help lighten the body and provide the taste and texture that is not achievable with just malt.  Whatever your feeling toward corn and rice in beer, it provided something we have never tasted before…and for whatever reason, it came out to be the best batch we ever made.

Maybe it was because we primed our English Ale yeast with a starter…


I hope you try it and enjoy it!